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Western Illinois Bancshares, Inc., otherwise known as WIBI, was established in the fall of 2005 when the board of directors of Midwest Bank and other local investors bought the bank from its former owner, Midwest Banc Holdings, Inc. of Melrose Park.

Midwest Bank, formerly known as The National Bank of Monmouth established in 1870, had been purchased in 1992 by the aforementioned Chicago area company and had its name and charter changed in 1998.  WIBI was established by the purchasing group as a bank holding company which owns all shares of Midwest Bank. 

Our 1,339,955 common shares are owned by fewer than 225 stockholders and are therefore considered privately held.  Anyone interested in purchasing or selling shares should contact Brooke Robinson at (309) 457-6284 or toll free at (888) 309-2265.

Midwest Bank prides itself on its people, their banking experience and high quality customer service.  While striving to provide our older customers the traditional banking services they expect, we try to provide our younger and tech-savvy customers with the most up-to-date electronic and mobile banking features.

We offer all of the modern banking technologies including internet banking, mobile banking, online bill pay, check and document imaging along with remote capture for commercial customers. Our debit and credit cards are availble for use with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Our Wealth Management division provides a broad range of services ranging from retail brokerage to portfolio management. Through its Trust Department, Wealth Management offers farm management services as well as a full range of trust and estate planning, investment management and fiduciary services. Our insurance subsidiary, Porter-Hay Insurance, can meet all the insurance needs of individuals, businesses and farmers. 

Midwest Bank currently has 8 banking locations and 8 insurance offices located across 6 counties. Midwest Bank offers a wide range of business and personal financial solutions, insurance, trust and wealth management services in addition to an array of electronic banking services.

If you wish to know more about our company, its products or services, please contact Brooke Robinson at the numbers listed above.


Augustin "Gus" S. Hart III


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Christopher J. Gavin
Direct Line (309) 457-6227
Toll Free (888) 309-2265, ext. 227


Brooke Robinson
Direct Line (309) 457-6284
Toll Free (888) 309-2265, ext. 284

We value your privacy and online safety. Please note that any information sent to the bank via email is not encrypted and we caution anyone sending email not to send any confidential data.

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